Our clients comment on the sheer diligence and thoughtfulness we bring to projects and tell us that is what makes us distinctive. We eschew puffery and inflated claims.

So far, every client we have worked for has said that we have at least met expectations, and more typically, we have exceeded them. We’d like to do the same for you.

Helping professional, financial and other B2B clients improve their marketing, business development, client satisfaction, and financial performance.

In-depth Client Research

Client research can make a dramatic and sustainable difference to the performance of the firm, while also delivering an immediate financial return. But the research has to be appropriately designed and managed…

Strategic Market Research & Thought Leadership

If you are making, or about to make any significant strategic, investment, or marketing decision, we can help take away the guesswork and help you make better, less risky decisions which will have a higher likelihood of success.

ClearerView – Online Surveys

As part of an approach to gather robust insight, and where relevant, to measure performance, online surveys can be extremely useful to help the firm focus its efforts, improve marketing effectiveness, and grow revenue.

Marketing Planning & Delivery

To succeed, firms need to operate in profitable markets and sectors and to build and maintain a competitive advantage against peers in those markets. We can help you with your marketing planning and delivery.


Gaining a real and sustainable improvement in performance doesn’t mean you have to get everything perfect, but aligning your efforts and resources better can really make a difference…

Key Levers

While it is important to track and record the current and historic financial performance of the firm, it is vital to understand the primary drivers of future financial success and profitability…

Employee Surveys

Vital insight to help the firm, management, and all staff; it’s one of the most often repeated clichés, but of course still true. The performance of a firm is inextricably linked to its people…


Growing profitability in professional and financial services markets demands that fee earners and indeed all staff can identify what is of value to clients and then deliver it…

Robin has over 20 years of professional and financial services marketing experience. Here he provides commentary about some of the key evolving issues within professional services strategy and marketing.  The aim is to provoke thinking and provide useful information that marketers can use within their firms as they continue to improve performance. Click here for full blog.



Gaining the best results from business development

– a video discussing how the challenges faced by marketing professionals, business developers and fee earners and how self-reviews can generate much better results for all.


Robin’s Blog…

Interesting article on implementing a client feedback programme

Deborah Shell of Winckworth Sherwood has written an easy to read and interesting article about implementing client feedback programmes. It covers not only the set up of gaining feedback but how it is shared with partners and others to gain commitment, buy-in, results and also an impact at the client. Take a look Are you... read more

How should leaders, marketers and managers of firms respond during “Brexit” ?

Brexit means uncertainty. Should leaders, marketers and other heads try and ignore it, in the hope that it will go away? Should they plan on the basis of an outcome they hope will happen? Or should they give in to the uncertainty and not plan at all? Should they promote hard, or accept reduced budgets? Or should they rethink where they can really add value – click here for some thoughts on how leaders can really respond positively to the challenge and help build the firm’s performance. I’ll talk about the role of scenario planning also in a future... read more

Changing the mind of a client ‘about to walk’

I was furious with the service I received recently but the company involved has ‘stalled my hand’. There are lessons for others. Myself and my family had a fabulous holiday in Italy. Great service everywhere. The glaring exception was car-hire. Aggressive attempts to up-sell to me at the pick-up point got my back up. I very clearly said I did not need any additional insurance either. When I returned the car the fee was far higher than expected. Yep, all the insurance had been added on. The invoice I got the following day also included fees for a tank of fuel even though we had returned it 95% full. Here’s the good bit. I received an online questionnaire the next day. I completed it immediately providing a ‘likelihood of recommendation’ rating of 1 out of 10, and briefly describing why. Within 2 hours I had an email from the managing director of the unit involved saying all insurance changes would be refunded. Would I have used them again before this? No way. I was sufficiently fed up that I would have shared the experience widely on social media too, clearly naming the company. Now I probably will use them again. It also made me think about how clients use our ClearerView system. It also alerts firms where responses show clients are at risk.  It just shows how responding to these issues quickly can make a big difference.    ... read more

Strategic options…

It’s felt like a good time over the last couple of weeks to rethink about strategies and talk to clients about “what next?” In this I’ve been reminded of a useful tool which was developed by Dr Tony Grundy. It’s very helpful as a means of determining the best choices from a range of options. You can see a top level view of it here At it’s heart it is a simple way of thinking about and evaluating different options, that you can use in decisions from “what corporate strategy should we use?”, “who should we acquire?”, “what client segment shall we focus on?” “what website agency should we use?” or even “what car shall we have next?” More about it is available online if you search on ‘strategic option... read more

The Thriving Company Ltd

Improving results from business development and marketing.

We help our clients improve their marketing, business development and client satisfaction – and hence financial performance. We help professional, financial and other B2B businesses such as legal, insurance, intellectual property, accountancy, consulting, property management and private equity firms.

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Thought Leadership from The Thriving Company…

Access free articles about successfully growing billings, driving greater returns from marketing and CRM, and making business development more effective and successful. These are built not on “guesswork” or hype but real research and experience, and are useful to anyone who cares about the performance of their firm.

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