Here are some case studies where our work has helped drive improved performance.

thriving… Improving marketing, business development, client satisfaction, and financial performance.

Enabling an accountancy firm to gain many new opportunities with clients

This case study describes how a new approach to gaining client feedback provided a Scottish accountancy firm with valuable management information to inform their marketing and client service efforts, and helped them gain many additional client engagements

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Equipping the firm and fee earners to cross-refer and gain more work

This case study concerns a regional law firm which recognised that it would gain significant benefits from a more concerted approach to cross-referral within the firm, that fee earners would be comfortable with and implement. A two step programme created this and is delivering quick results.

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Performance Management – from negative to positive

This case study describes our work where a law firm needed to improve the ability and focus of fee earners in developing client relationships and business, if it was to meet its growth aspirations. We helped ensure that the measures of performance supported this objective and increased motivation.

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Understanding the Real Market Opportunity

This case study describes how the potential market for a new service was defined, and how research enabled the service to be differentiated and sold differently to competitor offerings.

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Defining The Right Strategy & Avoiding Revenue Loss

In this case, market research was used to help a law firm understand the impacts of the changing environment in a key sector, and identified key opportunities for more work from clients. The research also identified major clients at risk and enabled the firm to take action to maintain these relationships and income.

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Creating Winning Pitch Performance

One of our clients was troubled by the fact that it was progressively winning fewer “pitches”. This study describes how we used competitor analysis to identify “best in class” processes and documents throughout the pitching process and enabled the firm to increase its win-rate.

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A client review process adding much more value

This case study describes how Thriving helped a firm overhaul its feedback programme to improve the engagement from clients, gain much more actionable results, and enjoy closer working relationships with its clients.

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Winning More Business

This case study describes how we helped an accountancy firm and fee earners in specific teams become more successful at acquiring new clients and developing business.

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Using Insight to drive Higher Market Share

If increasing market share, and/or understanding the sustainability of current client relationships is important to your firm, you may find this case study interesting. Our client wanted to understand how it could build market share, and how it could measure and improve client loyalty. However it also wanted to build strong evidence of its capability that it could provide to the market, and better use insight within its planning process to make the right strategic decisions.

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Making Relationship Management Work

In this case, senior management knew that their client management efforts lagged behind peers. This summary outlines how a new approach was determined and support provided to ensure that the approach generated real benefit.

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Moving From A Plateau To Doubling In Size

This summary describes how we helped a firm which needed greater clarity in its strategy and in determining where it should focus to generate growth.

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Mapping The Way Forward

This law firm was unsure about how it was perceived in its marketplace and wanted to understand what changes it should make to secure a greater market share. This study describes the approach to provide this clarity, and produce a much clearer direction.

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