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Managing for Success

In July 2023, Robin’s Article on how law firms can ask the right questions of clients, in order to boost their performance and the health of the firm, was published in the Law Society’s magazine, “Managing for Success”. Take a look at the article here

Growth and understanding how clients see value for money

When we gain client feedback for professional services firms, how well they are perceived to perform on “value for money” often turns out to be very highly correlated with the likelihood that the client will recommend and keep using their law firm, accountant, or other professional advisor. So, performing well on this is vital to ensure you can retain and develop client relationships, grow your share of work, and build a healthier platform for the firm’s future. But…when measuring professional service firms performance, value for money tends to be the most poorly rated attribute. Why is this? Many firms have only a limited understanding of what the client sees as the key components of value for money. So, how do you improve the value for money that your clients perceive you provide? How do you secure better growth. See VFM and what it means for clients for the full briefing

Improving the return on investment from client feedback efforts – getting better results and reducing the “admin burden” of programmes.

Professional Marketing magazine, published this article in Winter 2018. Written by Robin and Martin, it explores some of the ways in which firms and marketers can “move the see saw” so that greater benefits are generated by programmes, and data and insights can be used more effectively. A key piece is about reducing the “effort” and administration burden involved, so more time can be spent acting on the insight and improving firm performance.   view article

Client feedback and creating a marketing culture within your firm

An article from Robin published by Professional Marketing magazine, focusing on how client feedback and insight can be most effectively used and developed to not only improve financial and strategic performance, but to create a marketing culture within the firm.  view article

Free Chapter 1 of “How to grow your firm” special report.

Robin was commissioned by the Law Society to write a special report for those responsible for securing growth for their firm, with one reviewer commenting: “If you are involved in any way with the future development of your law firm — particularly if it is a medium to larger-sized firm — this special report from The Law Society should be of interest.” Here’s a link to the preface and chapter 1, which in itself reviews some key issues. view article

Achieving better results from data management

This article, published by PM Forum magazine, outlines how to generate better results from data management, and talks about the 4 critically important SECT factors which help drive this. view article

Using client and market feedback to efficiently drive increased revenue and profit

Clients want to give you feedback – so how will you help them – and at the same time use resources wisely to get the best value from any feedback effort? This short white paper from Thriving gives some key hints and tips, with areas to think about to ensure your programme is a success – adding value to your firm AND your clients. view article

Efficiently Driving Growth in Professional Services

Do you really know what your clients are going to need from you in the future, and have you got a clear plan about how to extend what you do with them? This article discusses how to use client and market feedback to efficient drive profit and growth. It covers how to ensure such research provides both strategic input and identifies specific opportunities with clients. It also overviews the questions to ask clients, the feedback to focus on, and key issues to consider before implementing or commissioning research. view article

Ensuring your people can retain your clients

You’ve heard many times that things are uniquely challenging. And they are. But what can you do to equip your firm and in particular ensure your people are technically AND emotionally capable to retain client relationships? This briefing paper shows you.

How to cross-sell more effectively (by never mentioning cross-selling)

Extending relationships with clients should be the easiest approach to generating revenue. But internal barriers and preconceptions often stymie it.  This white paper discusses how to break down those barriers and by doing so, access the potential for growth within the firm  view article

The Solicitor disappeared! The impact of turnover on client relationships and how to handle it better

Though it shouldn’t, it still surprises me when I hear feedback from law firm clients about one particular issue. Its about contacting a key contact at a law firm to find out – to their shock- the contact is no longer there. This has major issues for loyalty and brand perception. Marketers should get involved in resolving this and mitigating the risk. See the article for ideas         view article

Don’t Cross-Sell, Co-sell

Originally published in Professional Marketing magazine, this article looks at some of the ways of building revenue through improving the ability of a professional services firm – and appetite and comfort of individual fee-earners – to cross-refer. This is still one of the least exploited sources of growth in many firms. view article

Post Project Feedback

What is the role of post project (or post transaction) feedback and how does it fit within other programmes of client contact, and care? This briefing paper looks at the potential contribution that online feedback can make and how to thing about adopting it. It also notes the things that anyone considering implementing an online feedback programme needs to consider. view article

CRM and Change Management

This article provides a solid overview of key issues to consider for any CRM programme and focuses on a case study of two CRM programmes within the same organisation. One failed, one succeeded. The article identifies what drove CRM success and outlines the implications for those wishing to achieve it. view article  

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