Tools to help improve marketing and BD effectiveness

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Tools to help improve marketing and BD effectiveness

Key Levers Of Profitability Benchmarking

While it is important to track and record the current and historic financial performance of the firm, it is vital to understand the primary drivers of future financial success and profitability.

Some of the key aspects to this are:

  • A clear approach to managing the financial health of your firm
  • Understanding the key elements that build profit per partner and performance
  • Pinpointing actions you can take to improve the firm’s performance in these key elements
  • Understanding your current performance, and how that compares to others competing for the work you want to do, and the clients you want to work for.

Together with partners from the Winning Firm Alliance, we have developed a unique approach which looks at leading indicators of future financial success, not just historic ones. To access a presentation we have done on the subject, click here.

Click here to access our free diagnostic tool – and we’ll send you a free analysis to help you identify how you can improve performance.

The AAA diagnostic – helping improve your marketing and BD effectiveness

Our newly developed ‘Triple A’ BD Strengths & Effectiveness Diagnostic pinpoints how individuals and teams in professional service firms can quickly leverage their efforts to generate significantly better results.

For a very low investment, the diagnostic can be used by the whole firm, by an individual practice area, by marketing or HR professionals, or individual fee earners to increase the effectiveness and return on BD activity. Click here to see more detail.


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