There are a variety of ways we help firms and fee earners to improve their performance, win more work and improve client relationships, gain vital insight, or overcome challenges that are holding them back.

thriving… Improving marketing, business development, client satisfaction, and financial performance.

service icon 1smlIn-depth Client Research

Client research can make a dramatic and sustainable difference to the performance of the firm, while also delivering an immediate financial return. But the research has to be appropriately designed and managed, to provide value for the firm and for clients.

To do this, we work with firms to craft the optimal approach to gaining feedback from clients and to identify opportunities for growth. Our approach also improves the firm’s reputation in the eyes of its clients. It tends to deliver a very high and immediate return on investment.

service icon 3smlClearerView – Highly Cost Effective Online Surveys

As part of an approach to gather robust insight, and where relevant, to measure performance, online surveys can be extremely useful to help the firm focus its efforts, improve marketing effectiveness, and grow revenue.

It is important to get this right to achieve these aims, and also to create a positive perception amongst clients and other contacts. It is also critical to achieve good response rates and to be able to collate and use the information effectively.

To help professional services firms achieve these aims, we created the “Clearer View” online client feedback system. It is designed:

  • To allow you to gain feedback on your absolute and relative performance and thus help you improve
  • To reduce and minimise the administration burden you face in collecting feedback
  • To provide easy access to management information in the reporting cycle that works for you
  • To generate more work for you as well as reducing risk of loss of profitable clients
  • To help you easily provide evidence for compliance and to regulators
  • To create an immediate payback and return on investment by creating specific opportunities for work that the client is happy to talk to you about.

If you’d like to know more, just Email Robin

service icon 5smlPerformance

Gaining a real and sustainable improvement in the firm’s performance doesn’t mean you have to get everything perfect, but aligning your efforts and resources better can really make a difference.

Thriving can help with diagnosing where there are gaps in your current effort, through to working with you to identify key performance indicators, focusing effort on what will work best, through to change management advice and support.

If you want to make the process of improving performance as efficient and effective and possible, and gain results in a short timeframe, we can assist.

service icon 7smlEmployee Surveys

Vital insight to help the firm, management, and all staff; it’s one of the most often repeated clichés, but of course still true. The performance of a firm is inextricably linked to its people.

The employee surveys we run for firms do provide key information on engagement as you’d expect, but we also tend to provide insight around understanding and buy-in to the firm’s strategy, perspectives of marketing – indeed anything that provides management and the firms as whole with fuel that helps the future performance of the firm.

Contact Robin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you’d like to know more about our approach

service icon 2smlStrategic Market Research & Thought Leadership

If you are making, or about to make any significant strategic, investment, or marketing decision, we can help take away the guesswork and help you make better, less risky decisions which will have a higher likelihood of success. Professional services firms now have to provide more than just the core “service” or technical capability to clients. They need to add insight

Some of the ways in which we help firms include:

  • providing thought leadership programmes which genuinely help firms demonstrate value and show a distinctive approach from others. Examples of our work can be seen in links here, here and here
  • identifying the size, attractiveness and profitability of markets, sectors, or locations that you may be considering investing in
  • identifying market needs (so you can better meet them)
  • giving clarity about how your firm is perceived by prospects or intermediaries (and any gaps between this and the type of firm they may instruct or refer – by knowing this you can close the gap and build a higher share)
  • helping you understand the sector and industry issues that can drive demand for, or choice of advisor
  • providing competitor analysis to enable you to build a competitive advantage
  • providing “taxi-cab” briefings for fee earners who are involved in business development, pitching and proposal activity

Whatever your issue, let us know. We can get you the insight you need.

service icon 4smlMarketing Planning & Delivery

To succeed, firms need to operate in profitable markets and sectors and to build and maintain a competitive advantage against peers in those markets. We help firms do that. This can involve helping firms choose the right markets, locations or sectors for them, identifying what will drive increased market share, and then helping them plan and execute the right plan and tactics to make it a reality.

We really get our “hands dirty” to make sure firms succeed.

service icon 6smlKey Levers

While it is important to track and record the current and historic financial performance of the firm, it is vital to understand the primary drivers of future financial success and profitability.

Some of the key aspects to this are:

  • A clear approach to managing the financial health of your firm
  • Understanding the key elements that build profit per partner and performance
  • Pinpointing actions you can take to improve the firm’s performance in these key elements
  • Understanding your current performance, and how that compares to others competing for the work you want to do, and the clients you want to work for.

Together with partners from the Winning Firm Alliance, we have developed a unique approach which looks at leading indicators of future financial success, not just historic ones. To access a  presentation we have done on the subject, click here.

Contact us if you would like to access our free diagnostic tool to identify how you can improve performance.

service icon 8smlTraining

Growing profitability in professional and financial services markets demands that fee earners and indeed all staff can identify what is of value to clients and then deliver it. Our approach to training ensures that your firm is in this healthy position.

Contact us if you would like to access our free diagnostic tool to identify how you can improve performance.

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