Our clients comment on the sheer diligence and thoughtfulness we bring to projects and tell us that is what makes us distinctive. We eschew puffery and inflated claims.

So far, every client we have worked for has said that we have at least met expectations, and more typically, we have exceeded them. We’d like to do the same for you.

Helping professional, financial and other B2B clients improve their marketing, business development, client satisfaction, and financial performance.

In-depth Client Research

Client research can make a dramatic and sustainable difference to the performance of the firm, while also delivering an immediate financial return. But the research has to be appropriately designed and managed…

Strategic Market Research & Thought Leadership

If you are making, or about to make any significant strategic, investment, or marketing decision, we can help take away the guesswork and help you make better, less risky decisions which will have a higher likelihood of success.

ClearerView – Online Surveys

As part of an approach to gather robust insight, and where relevant, to measure performance, online surveys can be extremely useful to help the firm focus its efforts, improve marketing effectiveness, and grow revenue.

Marketing Planning & Delivery

To succeed, firms need to operate in profitable markets and sectors and to build and maintain a competitive advantage against peers in those markets. We can help you with your marketing planning and delivery.


Gaining a real and sustainable improvement in performance doesn’t mean you have to get everything perfect, but aligning your efforts and resources better can really make a difference…

Key Levers

While it is important to track and record the current and historic financial performance of the firm, it is vital to understand the primary drivers of future financial success and profitability…

Employee Surveys

Vital insight to help the firm, management, and all staff; it’s one of the most often repeated clichés, but of course still true. The performance of a firm is inextricably linked to its people…


Growing profitability in professional and financial services markets demands that fee earners and indeed all staff can identify what is of value to clients and then deliver it…

Robin has over 20 years of professional and financial services marketing experience. Here he provides commentary about some of the key evolving issues within professional services strategy and marketing.  The aim is to provoke thinking and provide useful information that marketers can use within their firms as they continue to improve performance. Click here for full blog.



Gaining the best results from business development

– a video discussing how the challenges faced by marketing professionals, business developers and fee earners and how self-reviews can generate much better results for all.


Robin’s Blog…

Capabilities and market gaps

It feels right to talk about something more “normal” for the moment. We did an interesting project a few months ago for a firm which was keen to understand the truth about how its capability was perceived vs. competitors, and indeed if it could successfully differentiate itself. From speaking to their clients and key opinion formers across their high priority sectors, it was clear that the activities of their competitors had created a gap. The firm in question just needed to more clearly communicate its capability and ensure that its “brand” resonated more clearly, though key people confidently delivering all the elements of a trusted advisor. They now have a clear map and focus to do this, and I’m sure they will... read more

Flexibility in times of uncertainty

Thriving recently undertook a thought leadership programme for a major law firm. We found that some of the characteristics of the successful in-house legal team of the future included flexibility, clear goals, leadership and values, effective stakeholder and board management – and the ability to respond rapidly to the unexpected. That seems even more significant now. Contact me if you’d like to chat about thought... read more

The post Brexit route forward for marketing and learning and development staff

Shortly after the referendum on UK membership of the EU Robin and Phil Gott of Peopleism created a short “manifesto” for those in key roles on responding to the changed conditions created by the result. This is more true than ever now. You can see the manifesto here.  Additionally, its become clear from our interviews of clients of law firms, accountancy firms and other professional advisors that understanding client challenges around Brexit, and providing insight, is a clear route to competitive advantage. Or, disadvantage if you don’t do... read more

Making marketing teams fit for the future

At the end of 2019 we completed a research programme for a major law firm into the future of in-house legal teams, what they would look like in 2025, and the challenges faced. The results were fascinating and it struck me that they might well also be true for many ‘intellect’ based professions and indeed in-house marketing, BD, HR and other functions within professional services firms. The key behaviours and skills which respondents said they needed to develop included a deeper understanding of the business and the wider sector, stakeholder management, influencing and the ability to understand technology. Soft skills and processes were a higher priority than technical functional skills, and a core challenge was balancing day to day demands with the ability to get ready for future challenges. While some people saw technology as a “magic bullet” most recognised that while it could help, there were many other aspects needed to get a team fit for the future. One of the key results that sticks in my mind was that the success stories we heard about, often were based on creating a team with shared goals, and real clarity of purpose that guided their behaviour, actions, and relationships with colleagues. That seems to me to be very true for marketers and BD people within professional services firms... read more

The Thriving Company Ltd

Improving results from business development and marketing.

We help our clients improve their marketing, business development and client satisfaction – and hence financial performance. We help professional, financial and other B2B businesses such as legal, insurance, intellectual property, accountancy, consulting, property management and private equity firms.

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Thought Leadership from The Thriving Company…

Access free articles about successfully growing billings, driving greater returns from marketing and CRM, and making business development more effective and successful. These are built not on “guesswork” or hype but real research and experience, and are useful to anyone who cares about the performance of their firm.

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