Ok, its two years away (probably). But there isn’t a firm in the UK that won’t be impacted by this.

I think there are at least 3 things to think about, now.

1. Not just the result, but the period of uncertainty and “noise” beforehand. What will be impact be on your firm, before the decision is made, on changes in corporate investment, appetite for cross-border deals, investment in IP, and appetite for acquisitions (and for the relative appetite to do business within the EU and outside it)?

2. Are there areas where you can help your clients deal with the unpredictability of this and think through their options? What should they do to reduce the impact of increased risk?  What opportunities arise for them from this uncertainty?

3. Are you planning for both the “in” and “out” scenarios?  No-one will get any predictions of the impact “bang-on”, but do you understand the main challenges and responses your firm will make in either scenario?

Those companies who have achieved great results and longevity through periods of  upheaval don’t “wait” to think about these issues. It’s better to understand the impact and react quickly. Even a few weeks delay in “getting ducks in a row” after the decision will reduce your ability to gain from the outcome – whatever it is.

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