I was furious with the service I received recently but the company involved has ‘stalled my hand’. There are lessons for others.

Myself and my family had a fabulous holiday in Italy. Great service everywhere. The glaring exception was car-hire.

Aggressive attempts to up-sell to me at the pick-up point got my back up. I very clearly said I did not need any additional insurance either.

When I returned the car the fee was far higher than expected. Yep, all the insurance had been added on. The invoice I got the following day also included fees for a tank of fuel even though we had returned it 95% full.

Here’s the good bit. I received an online questionnaire the next day. I completed it immediately providing a ‘likelihood of recommendation’ rating of 1 out of 10, and briefly describing why.

Within 2 hours I had an email from the managing director of the unit involved saying all insurance changes would be refunded. Would I have used them again before this? No way. I was sufficiently fed up that I would have shared the experience widely on social media too, clearly naming the company.

Now I probably will use them again.

It also made me think about how clients use our ClearerView system. It also alerts firms where responses show clients are at risk.  It just shows how responding to these issues quickly can make a big difference.        

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