As we’ve written about extensively elsewhere, there are 5 key drivers of profitable growth for a firm – and extending what you do with clients is a hugely important one.

Is there genuinely high potential or is this just great in theory?  I’ve spent a little while looking at the client feedback responses, gathered since January 2014, on behalf of our law firm and accountancy firm clients, on this very point.
It shows:

  • There are opportunities to either do more of what the firm is currently doing for that client, or to extend what it does, in 54% of cases
  • There are risks of potential client loss (or some loss of business) in 14% of cases
  • The other 32% of clients are stable and loyal.

In case useful to help you discuss with colleagues how to enhance the results you get, a little more in shown in this one-page document

What does this look like for your firm? Are you capturing this potential?

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