It’s great to tell you about some of the ways Thriving has evolved and enhanced our capability to help firms improve their strategic, financial and marketing performance.

New people. We have two new associates – Genevieve Broutechoux and Shobha Bentley.   Genevieve has over 20 years experience of in-depth research and, as a native French speaker, means we can now provide high quality French language research for those with clients where this is a better option than English.

Shobha joining as an associate also means that our ability to provide independent advice on CRM systems as well as providing effective CRM processes, data management and training is enhanced. Shobha provides our data audit service as well.

New services. Our services always recognise that growing a firm through successful marketing and business development is profoundly based on what people do, more so than what they say.

So in the past year we’ve developed greater capability in running employee surveys, as well as our improved online client feedback approach, ClearerView. We’ve added easy to access diagnostic tools which allow a firm, a practice, an HR function, a marketing function or even an individual fee earner to understand how they can improve the effectiveness of their own BD effort.

We’ve also got a new website. To be honest, the old one didn’t allow easy access to the range of things we did and was difficult to read on devices. We’ve sorted that out, and at the same time gained a fresh visual identity. The downside is the photos now show how old I am.

The same ethos.   Thriving remains absolutely focused on diligent, thoughtful, and realistic help to help your firm grow in a way that works for your, your clients, and prospects – through appropriate not over-hyped techniques. Many clients have commented that we seem to care more and work harder for them than alternatives. Please give us a call or email me at to find out more.

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