Today, in most professional and financial services sectors, firms need to outperform their peers in order to grow not just revenue but profit as well. 

Unless you have unique technical skills that others cannot replicate, you must do the right things (i.e. have the right strategy) and do them as well as possible (which means really good implementation across the firm). 

We don’t live in a perfect world and the comforting thing about that is that you don’t need to get everything working perfectly, or in absolute alignment, to succeed. 

Nonetheless, there’s huge benefit in understanding  the key levers to pull that result in increased billings or reduced costs, whether you’re the managing partner, or responsible for performance in a particular function.

Some of the key components that drive improved profitability are:

  • reduced write off
  • improved client acquisition
  • improved ability to extend relationships
  • increased client value
  • more productive referrer relationships
  • pricing for value and profit
  • reduced sales costs
  • better use of human resources
  • effective resource management
  • better use of technology
  • reduced operational costs

Effective marketing and HR activity can have a much bigger impact across a range of these areas than managers often realise.  We will shortly have some free resources available on this, so email me at or call me on 44 (0)7940 886677 if you’d like to access them.

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