Recently I compiled a short synopsis of some of the key things that law firm clients say, when they describe incidences where they are either beginning to use, or considering using other firms for more of their business, or where they discount a firm for certain types of work.

(BTW, if you’d like a copy of the short paper “Preventing client leakage…” just email me on  )

Some example comments are:

“If [named partner] is not there we go elsewhere because they lack depth of expertise.”

“Not sure if they have certain capabilities”

“They must not assume that people know what they do”

“Their response times leave much to be desired”

“For service, I would rate them 8.5 out of 10…for strategic value I would rate them 2/10”

“They always try to sell to us on price – but what we really want is to have a good job done at a reasonable price”

In our experience about 15% of law firm client relationships are at risk and another 30% represent hidden opportunity, if only the firm knew what was key for that client and how to identify the need and communicate their capability.

What do your clients think of you? 

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